Liquid Lending Introduces Groundbreaking, Instant Patient Lending Technology

Coral Springs, Florida, February 27, 2020 (PRWEB) -- Liquid Lending is proud to present an innovative mobile-based technology that makes patient financing easier. It is an innovative solution that facilitates instant patient lending with no fees to healthcare providers. Patients can obtain the healthcare services they need, and funding is transmitted directly to providers. Liquid Lending’s advanced financing solution is available to all healthcare providers, including primary care doctors, specialists, dentists, med spas, cosmetic surgeons, and veterinarians.

“Finally, we’re able to offer a financing alternative for patients that also makes financial sense for our practice,” commented Dr. Shah of Advanced Physical Medicine in Charlotte, NC. “Liquid Lending is really easy for patients to use and, bottom line, it allows us to serve more patients, which leads to increased profitability.”

Many families are adding medical debt and the erosion of health coverage to their list of struggles. More than 79 million Americans are experiencing medical bill problems, according to The Commonwealth Fund. Many patients are increasingly responsible for the rising cost of their healthcare, which creates challenges for healthcare providers. Before Liquid Lending, processes were costly in terms of time and lost revenue for a multitude of providers.

“Liquid Lending is guided by the mission to help healthcare providers expand their practice without added costs. We are proud to offer a better financing solution that is aiding patients in getting the care they need as well as helping providers retain more patients,” said Shashi Kapur, CEO, Liquid Lending. “Bringing simplicity, clarity, and transparency to all aspects of healthcare payments is in our company’s DNA; the Liquid Lending platform is no exception.”

“Health should be accessible to everybody,” Mr. Kapur continues. “Now, our innovative technology enables patients to get the care they deserve without providers’ shouldering a financial burden.”

About Liquid Lending

Based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Liquid Lending, a subsidiary of Liquid Payments, Inc. (LQ), a mobile based technology that provides instant financing for medical, dental, veterinary and personal care services or procedures with no fees for providers. Multiple payment options are available with affordable terms, offering convenience for patients and enabling access to healthcare. Learn more at liquid lending.

About Liquid Payments

Based in Fort Lauderdale, Liquid Payments, Inc. (LQ), is a financial technology innovator in the healthcare space. LQ solutions are deployed in multiple medical payments sectors including healthcare cost-sharing entities and healthcare practices and is currently working on various applications of AI- (Artificial Intelligence) based engagement tools. To learn more about Liquid Payments, visit