Innovative New Patient Financing Option Gives Both Patients and Healthcare Providers a Big Advantage

Healthcare providers are realizing the true value of an alternative financing option, providing patients with the care they need while sustaining and growing their practice.

Known as Liquid Lending, this innovative financing solution is easy to use, mobile friendly and instant. Patients get an on-the-spot decision with variable payment options and reasonable interest rates. Providers receive their payment the next business day with no hidden fees or discounted loan amounts. This solution is available to all healthcare providers, including primary care doctors, specialists, general and specialty dentistry practices, wellness centers, chiropractors, med spas, cosmetic surgeons, and even veterinarians.

A financing alternative like Liquid Lending comes at a crucial time since 79 million Americans are struggling with medical bills. Many patients are increasingly responsible for the rising cost of their healthcare, which creates challenges for healthcare providers. Before Liquid Lending, processes were costly in terms of time and lost revenue for a multitude of providers

One of the many advantages of this financing option is that it’s so easy for patients to use. They simply download an app on their smart device, or visit the application website, and get an approval decision within minutes. This enables patients to apply on the spot in their provider’s office, or from anywhere any time. Since the payment goes directly to the provider, patients don’t have to handle the money, write checks, or figure out how they can afford treatment. Since it is so simple and fast, it enables patients to proceed with getting whatever type of care they need without waiting. Liquid Lending can also be used for deductibles and co-pays, essentially making any healthcare service affordable. Providers also benefit from Liquid Lending’s solution. Patients no longer walk out the door because they can’t afford treatment. This direct-to-provider payment platform also eliminates the need to track down patient collections and cuts down on administrative work, which helps the bottom line and increases profitability.

Juanita of Beyond Limits, Greenville, SC, summed up this innovative patient lending alternative perfectly when she said, “Liquid Lending offers us a unique patient financing solution so our patients can get the treatments they need without having to worry about how to afford it. Plus, patients get an instant decision, and we get paid the next business day with no hidden fees. It’s an invaluable service for us to offer.”

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